Class Descriptions & Videos

Class Descriptions and Videos! Check them out!

Urban Bootcamp: Wednesday at 6:00pm  A high intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class that incorporates a variety of calisthenics, muscular endurance training set to basic hip-hop/R&B music. A fun way to burn calories and tone your body. This is not a dance class—- it’s URBAN BOOTCAMP!

Classes that involve weight training….

Butts and Guts -Tuesday at 9am. Lower body intensive class.  Strengthen and tone your legs, glutes, and core. Get that lower body workout the is too tough to get on our own!


PUMP/LIFT/ – Wednesday @5:00pm,  Thursday 9am & 5:30 pm, & Saturday @9am,   These classes are all FULL BODY resistance workouts! For those who think strength training is boring, we’re about to change your mind!  This muscular endurance workout is designed to work the entire body using an adjustable barbell, bands,  and had weights to tone and define your muscles.


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Classes that are on the bike…

Spin – Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday @8am, Monday and Wednesday at 5:15am. This is indoor cycling with motivational coaching set to music.  Adjust the difficulty of your own ride as needed.  This low impact class with interval style workouts give options for controlling your own individual cardio workout.

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Watch clips by clicking on the links below!


Spin and Sculpt – Friday at 6am with Emily! A mix of indoor cycling and strength training.  Starting off with a great cardio workout on the bike and the last half of class it is time to get off your bike and do some band and bodyweight work.

Cardio based classes…

Zumba- Monday at 6:00pm , Friday (Zumba & Sculpt) at 9am – Add a little Latin flavor to your workout!  This fun and low impact cardio workout combines Latin dance styles; such as Salsa, Merengue and Cumbia; with traditional floor aerobics.  Zumba is a “feel-happy” workout!


RIPPED: Monday at 5pm, Tuesday 5:30pm, Wednesday at 9am!  The one stop body shock! Resistance, Interval, Power, Plyometrics, and Endurance…get these 5 things in a 55 minute fun, fat blasting workout!

Step- Sunday at 9am – All fitness levels are welcome, even if you’ve never tired step before.  The cardio choreography, using an adjustable step of 4-8 inches, is fun and user friendly.

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Yoga/Pilates classes….

Power Fusion:Monday at 9am. This is a power Yoga-Pilates fusion class. You will test your strength and push your limits in this mat based, bare foot workout. You will gain flexibility, shoulder strength and balance in this 50 minute class.

Yoga – Our yoga classes are always a little different and with a creative and eclectic mix of traditional yoga poses suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Great for seniors or a “lite” controlled place to begin…

Fit Motion – Move through a variety of stretching exercises to improve flexibility, range of motion and overall fitness.  This gentle easy to follow class is suitable for all fitness levels.

Lite Fit – Combine fun, and fitness with this total body workout to enhance cardiovascular endurance, increase strength, improve balance and designed to be gentle on the joints, heart-healthy and safe.  One hour of aerobics, strength training and stretching.

Lite Lift – Improve and increase muscular strength with this lite strength training class.  Follow strength exercises that include elastic tubing with handles, hand held weights and exercise balls.  Lite Lift will keep your muscles moving and engaged throughout this class designed for all fitness levels.

B Fit: Fit, Agility, Balance – (30 min) This class focuses on muscle conditioning, balance and stretch techniques by using a stability ball.  If you want to improve your strength, flexibility, balance and posture while having fun, do not miss this class!







Combines strength training and cardio using weights, barbells, and your own body weight to: define, develop, and tone in a 45 minute express workout.