HIIT House

Happy New Year! We are ready to help you get the BEST results out of 2019!

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Meet our Trainers!

Welcome to the Hiit House by Monmouth Fitness Club! We are so excited to launch this new small group training facility, located in the Southeast section of our club. We will be integrating a MyZone heart rate monitoring system as well! The classes will be designed for you to hit certain “zones” during your workout. This data will help you to get more out of your workouts!!

 The Hiit House is where you can come to get an intense workout, in a group setting, with a trainer to lead you through the workout safely and effectively! You can expect nothing less than to leave feeling motivated, successful, and ready for more! We are offering 37 classes a week and there are spots for 8-12 people per class! Stay tuned as we roll out our packages, schedule, and a demo week to try the classes for FREE!!!