Member Spotlight

October Member’s of the Month
Zak Spiegel and Brandy Dickerson

About Brandy:22155355_874771102680795_112137719_n

Brandy Dickerson, born 1985 in Dallas Oregon. Became a Beaver in 2004 when she moved to Corvallis for college. She transferred to WOU in 2006 to finish out her Biology Degree and be closer to Monmouth Dutch Bros, which was where she worked for her entire college career. She took almost two years off to work and save money before starting up her graduate degree. She obtained her MAT from Western in December of 2012 and started subbing in January. She started teaching at LaCreole Middle school in 2013, teaching 7th and 8th grade science and then transferred to her current job at Dallas High School as a Biology teacher in 2014. Brandy recently became engaged to the best partner she could ask for, Zak Spiegel. They are both very excited for their house remodel here in Monmouth to be done, and move into our home that is walking distance to two of our favorite spots: Monmouth Fitness Center and Crush Wine Bar.

About Zak:

Zak Spiegel, born in Connecticut in 1975. Lived in Oregon 1980-84 then New Hampshire for three years and back in this wonderful state since 1987. Moved to Monmouth in 2007. That’s when he joined MFC. Zak works for Oregon Youth Authority as a Juvenile Parole/Probation Officer. He has worked for OYA since 1996. He is an Oregon State Beaver and has been since 1980. Go Beavs!!!  I have a slight addiction to new cars which Brandy supports him in.

Facts about these 2!
1 – Zak joined MFC in 2007. Brandy joined in 2009

2 – They both really enjoy the community feel of the gym. The AM crew has always spoiled us with music channel 32 and a prompt 450am start. Knowing other members names and a little about them is great. The staff have always been super and usually play along with their morning shenanigans. Brandy really likes the group fitness instructors and how motivating they are!

3 – Brandy and Zak like to go on walks, hiking, kayaking and love Pacific City. They have also played softball in Salem for several years together. The teenagers we both work with also keep them moving at a pretty fast pace.

4 – Zak would say “strength and honor” are three simple words he really loves to model his life around as it applies to several different aspects of life. His morning workout buddies would say “moderation is key” and “no heroes” when they don’t feel like working out very hard. Brandy says that, “Among the many reasons why I love going to the gym, being able to indulge my sweet tooth without feeling guilty is pretty glorious.”