At Monmouth fitness Club, we are dedicated to helping you achieve Optimal Health! To do that, we offer weight management programs, Health Coaching, Personal Training, and Group Fitness Classes!

Weight Management & Health Coaching with…

Living your best life requires a healthy YOU! With our in house health coaches, we can help you achieve a healthy weight and learn new, healthy habits to make sure you keep the weight off! How do we do that? We offer programs that have 4 components to create a structure of success, and lasting results.

You will have a FREE health coach, supportive community, an educational system that helps you create a new healthy way of living, and a fuel plan designed for you to succeed and feel great! Scroll down to see our health coaches and read their stories! To book a time with one of these health coaches, see their contact info below!

Brittney Hall, Fitness Director & Personal trainer at MFC, lost 20 lbs in 5 weeks with the Optimal 5&1 plan! She was trying to lose weight by exercise alone when she stumbled into this program. After her first week on plan she knew that this was different, and not a diet at all! She immediately started sharing this program with her family and friends, and fellow gym members. Brittney says, “There is a mental freedom once you learn the tools to maintain your weight with your nutrition, instead of punishing your body in the gym because of what you ate. Now exercise is so enjoyable!” To book a FREE health assessment with Brittney, email her at

Danielle Overman has been a part of the MFC family for years and is currently our Desk Manager! She lost 60 lbs. in 3.5 months. After just 2 weeks she no longer had sleep apnea, and her cholesterol dropped 49 points after 2.5 months! Her inspiration to get healthy was the want to keep up with her 3 year old son. Danielle has been maintaining her healthy weight for over 3 years. To book a FREE health assessment with Danielle email her at


Personal Training

Hiring a personal trainer is a great way to insure that you are working according to your goals, and being safe at the same time! We have a group of talented trainers that you achieve the results you want! Some of the benefits of having a personal trainer include..

-Faster and Better Results

-Reduced Chance of Injury

-Proper Fat loss and Muscle Gain

-Establish Lifetime exercise habits

-Overcome Plateu’s and Gain accountability!

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