Women’s Only Workout Area

Ladies Only!IMG_0548

Monmouth Fitness Club is proud to offer a “Women’s Only” workout area! Whether it’s getting heart healthy utilizing the treadmill, AMT, bike, or elliptical, or looking leaner and getting stronger with our strength training equipment, it can all be accomplished in our ‘Ladies Only’ center which has all the perks of the fitness club’s general areas in a private, stress-free setting!  We are also excited to have three new pieces of equipment specifically designed for this area!


Seated Leg Extension/Leg Curl combination machine features:

  • Easy-to-use gas shock assisted adjustable back pad accommodates varying leg lengths
  • Self-aligning roller pad automatically adjusts to reduce potential stress of the ankle joints
  • Multiple range-of-motion adjustments for both exercises

Inner/Outer Thigh combination machine features:

  • Adjustable angle back pad to accommodate varying body sizes
  • Thigh pads swivel for each exercise position
  • Two foot support positions to provide lower body stability
  • Exercise arms can be adjusted from the user position

Vectra Fitness Functional Cable Trainer features:

  • Ability to replicate a large number of dumbbell or barbell exercises.
  • Allows use of fitness ball or other stability training devices.
  • Swiveling pulleys allow you to train on multiple planes.
  • Multiple cable configurations (2:1, 4:1, & 6:1) for different training needs and environments.
  • Smooth and reliable operation
  • This easy to use gym requires minimal adjustments and maximizes your valuable workout time.
  • Custom Sport Handles and Grips for many popular sports.
  • Versatile with an enormous range of exercise movements and combinations that are restricted only by the user’s creativity.
  • Wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant.
  • Ultimate in Core and Sport Specific training.

Precor S3.25 Stenght System:

Provides upper and lower body exercises for a total strength program.  More than 30 exercises (rows, raises, curls, crunches, pull-downs and presses) can be done on the S3.25.  Biomechanically designed to support good form and full range of motion.  This is our newest addition to the Women’s only workout area!




Ladies, please feel free to make a complimentary “Fit Appointment” with one of our Fitness Coaches, they will be happy to help you with the equipment and answer any questions you may have.  We also offer Personal Training in the new area (standard rates apply). Simply call (503) 838-2951 or stop by the front desk to schedule.