Summer Kids Programs

We have decided our community needs another option for activities for our local kiddos! That is why this Summer, we are offering 4 classes for kids to take, have fun, learn about keeping our bodies healthy, and getting out some energy!


Dance Club for Kids: Ages 8+, Mondays 3pm-4pm

Kids will learn dance routines and enjoy moving to fun music! We are not aiming to be good dancers here, we are aiming to have some fun and work up a sweat. Classes-GlendaleSportsCenter

This class will run for 10 weeks, for $50





Fit Kids: Ages 10 and up! Wednesday’s 3pm-4pm

This class will help kids learn the principles of fitness and get them a great start to exercising. They will learn basic lifts, hot to do them properly, and get in some cardio, and even plyometrics! Starts June 19-August 21! 10 weeks for $50ABQ_Crossfit_Kids

How to register…

Head into MFC at 165 E Main St. in Monmouth and grab a registration form! Classes start June 19th! Registration starts May 8th.